Modelling assignments for Our Model Akhil

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Work Done :

Print : Dreambeds Mattress( Latest ), Samsung CDMA, Nokia ( 3 shoots ), Microsoft Windows Vista, AirTel – (3 shoots), Samsung TV, Maruti Swift, Thums Up, Whirlpool, Kurkure, McDonalds, DLF, CavinKare Hair Gel, Aircel Kolkata, Gaurav Chabbra – GOC ( Designer shoot ), Richlook, Sleek Garments, Precious Track Suits, John Players ( Catalogue ), Vardhman,Suncity mall, Park Intercontinental, Suzuki Access, VI-GA Shoes, Maxim, indiatimes mail, Microsoft Academy, Adventure Island, Fullerton India, Vachi Jackets ( Track Suits ), Apparel Online, Satmola, Sahara Samay NCR, GoodLife Outlets,, Triveni builders, Max City Builders, Worldphone, Some magazine shoots – like Cover for Business Today, BRUNCH, Outlook, Business World.

Fashion Shows : J.D. Institute of Fashion tech.(2), Pepsi, Times of India ( Edward ), India tour ( Rachna Vineeta ), GUESS ( Shakeer ), Benetton ( Prateek ), TDI Mall( Prateek )

Contests : Got selected in top ten finalists for GUESS’s Faces to Watch Contest.

Commercial shoots : Maxima Watches ( Latest ), Microsoft Windows Vista TV commercial, India Today, CNBC TV18, Maximum Style ( Zoom TV ), NIIT corporate shoot, Educomp Corporate shoot.

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