How to become an actor in India

Do you often ponder upon – how to become an actor living in India?

Acting is a magical art – just change your look and your attitude and you can be anyone. So for all the aspiring actors, mastering this art is made a way easier by Glitz and Glamour acting school in Delhi, India. GNG is the best acting Institute in Delhi, India where your dream to become an actor is given an impetus. Don’t let your dream of pursuing this career get hampered by the fear of facing the camera. Shun all doubt and reach out to the best acting school In Delhi. To start with, here are a few tips for the beginners –

  • Join an acting school – Your raw talent needs a professional polishing to make you shine like a star. So, enrolling yourself to a good acting school should be your first step. Fine tuning of your expressions, speech and actions is done by the experienced faculty in such acting schools.
  • Go through movies, plays and screenplays – Watch ample movies of different genres like fiction, art, documentary, musical et cetera and get your hands on good plays and screenplays. This will help you gain in-depth and varied knowledge of this creative field.
  • Rehearse and memorise monologues – regular and consistent self practice is a must to attain self-confidence. The more you rehearse monologues in front of a mirror, the more you will polish your expressions. So, practice hard to finally face the camera.
  • Give tons of auditions – Persistence, patience and perseverance are the three P’s of this industry. The best acting Institute teaches you to commit yourself to your work and devote time and energy to your passion. Give maximum possible auditions, as this is how you will learn to face the camera. Do not give up . Face dejection with a smile and move on to the next audition!

Prepare a good acting Folio – Likewise modelling, the best acting school in Delhi/ Noida helps you to prepare a good acting folio with varied expressions and head shots. This can help you in the first case while attempting an audition.

GNG’s diligent faculty under the expert guidance of top fashion photographer Praveen Bhat in India and wife Reema Bhat, chief editor Glam and glaze magazine, are entrusted the job of transforming raw aspirants into professional actors. The other partners in the company are Tushar pant – Famous model and actor. Dimpi Oberoi – famous makeup artist from Delhi and Mipendeep Singh – business consultant & entrepreneur.
The elite panel has renowned names from the Film and TV industry like Actor – Abhilash Kumar,
Casting director – Vishal Gajeria, Actor – Abhishek Kapur,  Fashion stylist – Bikanta Soubam
Image consultant – Harsh Khullar, Supermodel – Pranav Jain, Actor – Rohan Gandotra and Suraj – Casting director based in Mumbai

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The road to creativity is an exciting one. Tread it with zeal, as Acting is the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life!

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