How to prepare for acting auditions

The GnG modelling/acting school is one of the best stepping stone for many young aspiring actors/models out there. Nurtured devotedly by top fashion photographer Praveen Bhat and chief editor of Glam n Glaze magazine ,Reema Bhat. The other partners in the company are Tushar Pant – Famous model and actor. Dimpi Oberoi – famous makeup artist from Delhi and Mipendeep Singh – business consultant & entrepreneur.
The elite panel has renowned names from the Film and TV industry like Actor – Abhilash Kumar,
Casting director – Vishal Gajeria, Actor – Abhishek Kapur,  Fashion stylist – Bikanta Soubam
Image consultant – Harsh Khullar, Supermodel – Pranav Jain, Actor – Rohan Gandotra and Suraj – Casting director based in Mumbai

The acting school has become a phenomenal name in Delhi /Noida. The institute churns out professionally trained handpicked actors /models who are bound to make it big in the Acting industry.

The process of being a part of this creative world is a long one. GNG being one of the best acting schools in Noida manoeuvres you step by step through all the hurdles coming in your way. The first peep into the industry sees you standing in the audition room facing the selectors who will decide your fate. So here are a few handy tips to prepare well for your acting auditions—A crucial starting point of your career.

  • Prepare your character well—To bring out the right emotions and to make your performance more dynamic get an in-depth knowledge of your character. Research and rehearse your character well, so that you can actually embody it . Character knowledge helps you imagine what the character is going through and helps you to shine through the auditions.
  • Memorise your script well—Though it seems obvious, but many actors often skip this step in negligence. Make sure to memorise the lines fully without stumbling at all. This is the least you can do to avoid getting stuck in the audition. Getting groomed from the top acting schools in Noida, this step from them will see you more confident in the audition room. get paid modelling assignment
  • Embrace the character—Enter the audition room with a hint of character you are playing. Right dress, hair and make up can do wonders to bring you aesthetically close to the character you portray.
  • Be prepared for anything—Your auditions maybe Impromptu or cold reading ones, but, don’t get scared and sail through the auditions with the fun and confidence. Just embrace your character and you will get the confidence to face the casting directors.
  • Don’t forget the headshot and resume—GNG being the Best acting institute in Noida arms you with important documents. We advise you to keep your head shot picture and resume prepared well in advance, so that there is no hassle during the auditions.
  • Sleep tight, eat right—Have a good nights sleep before your auditions to ensure the best of your performance. Also eat high energy food to stay bright and cheerful throughout the day.

Dress up the right way—Dress up comfortably yet professionally to make a good impression on the casting team. Don’t overdo your make-up or jewellery. Staying neutral is the best.

Last but not the least keep up your self-esteem, believing you can do it, believing you deserve it and believing you will get it!

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