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 Acting course after 12th

 Acting course after 12th in Delhi NCR

Is acting your passion?  Join Best Acting Course after 12th Today!


Going by the phrase-“the sooner the better” – it is best to start early and join and acting course after 12th.


If you are serious about making acting your career choice then a course in acting after 12th from the best acting Institute in Delhi will give a push in the right direction.

Acting Course in Delhi

GNG acting school in Delhi is a well-known name in acting modelling education. We endeavour to develop versatile artists by providing world class training to our students. Our faculty and Guest trainers not only work on the acting skills of our students but they also guide them to develop their individuality in the field of acting.

The best acting Institute in Delhi is equipped with facilities and instruments to the prepare students as future superstars. With the glamour world having a cutthroat competition, decision to get enrolled in the best acting school after 12th is a right one.

A brainchild of celebrity fashion photographer Praveen Bhat and editor of Glam n Glaze magazine Reema Gulati Bhat; GNG acting Institute is a promising venture in terms of quality training and education.

Offering a comprehensive program that heavily incorporates on camera learning ;Our students are taught in a real-world environment with high-end facilities and equipment.

Short term diploma or certificate course from GNG can give you a complete know-how of required acting skills.

The best acting Institute in Delhi offers basic and advance level acting courses after 12th.



The two-month basic course focuses on speech and diction training, camera facing, posing and more. The more detailed six month advance course lays stress on scriptwriting, theatre acting, monologues and dialogues etc.

Acting institute in delhi

What all do you learn at the acting institute?


  • Theatre acting – Students are trained professionally to perform onstage and are given good practical exposure.
  • Camera acting – Students are given the right training to face the camera. Expressions and actions are polished accordingly.
  • Speech and diction – Resonant voice tone and a good diction compels others to respond positively. So, we at GNG, the best acting institute in Noida /NCR enhance your ability to communicate well.
  • Dialogue delivery – Emphasis is laid on right use of language and adequate dialogue delivery. Students are made to practise with monologues and dialogues.
  • Creativity and writing – Creative writing classes ensure your grip on theme development and fiction writing.
  • Preparation for auditions – Students are given practice sessions to prepare well for auditions. They are polished for possible variety of roles. Confidence and personality – GNG, as the best institute in Noida /NCR boasts of magically revamping its students. Our successful alumni are a proof of the overall personality boost given to our students.
  • Acting/ theatre techniques and design specialisation – specialisation classes are conducted for acting /theatre techniques and design.
  • History and aesthetics – We being the best institute in Noida/ NCR, make our students cognisant of the history and aesthetics of Indian

cinema /theatre. Students should imbibe the best cultural values of our country.

  • Theory – Theory classes are conducted to give a detailed written know how in all technicalities.

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