How to start modeling career

How to start female modeling career

How to start female modeling career

How to start female modeling career ? Modelling is a career that requires skill, glamour and great confidence. Female modelling in India is a sought industry where each aspiring model dreams to be the top female model one day.

Apart from instilling poise and confidence in young models, the career gives you opportunity to travel to new places, get creative and earn well.

How to start modeling career

How to start modeling career in indiaHere are a few tips by the top fashion photographer in India which guide you on how to kickstart your career in the field of female modelling—

Decide what kind of model you want to be- According to your caliber, height, body and looks, you must have clarity about the type of modelling you want to pursue. Female modelling industry has a vast scope – from runway modelling to commercial modelling, also glamour female model poses, plus size models and editorial models.

  1. Practice at home- You can start by practicing female modelling poses at home. Learn basic poses, posture and walking style by taking reference from professional videos of top female models. You can imitate poise and stature from modelling photos female. Also start a physical training regime with exercise and dancing. You must follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to catch up with the stress of this demanding career.

female modeling in indiafemale modeling in indiafemale modeling

  1. Join a reputed modelling institute- To be able to face the camera with confidence and to shun away your fear of the super glamorous industry, you can join a reputed modelling school such as Glitz and Glamour modelling institute. A modelling school polishes and grooms you giving basic training in camera facing, expressions, walk, poise and more. They prepare you to give auditions and also help you build a promising female modelling portfolio.

modelling portfolio in delhi ncrmodelling portfolio in delhi ncr

  1. Female modelling portfolio- Building a professional female modelling portfolio with good range of female modelling poses is the next essential step towards female modelling career. Get a comprehensive photoshoot done from a professional photographer showing you in different modelling photos female, costumes and various looks. This is your resume to the modelling world.


  1. Hunt for a good modelling agency- You must find a genuine modelling agency to start off your career. Forward your portfolio to the agency and give auditions for prospective projects. Beware of the fraudulent agencies who might put you in a compromising position for a project. These may even charge money as fees for getting you projects. Reputed modelling schools such as GnG school of modelling not only help you build a good female modelling portfolio, but they also forward your portfolio to good modelling agencies.


  1. Be social media savvy- Get noticed on social media sites such as Instagram and face book. This will help you build a platform to get your modelling photos female seen by thousands of people.

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