How to impress a modelling agency

A career in modelling calls for a step-by-step approach. While getting your portfolio done from a good fashion photographer is the first and foremost requirement, your next step should be to approach a promising modelling agency.

A good modelling agency in Delhi, like GNG, can open doors to a flourishing career. One must follow these simple guidelines to carry an impressive first look.

Attire: Agents at a good modelling agency like GNG like to see you in your natural self. Avoid flashy fashion statements and blingy clothes. Dress up simple with light makeup and minimal jewellery. Leave the shiny baubles at home. Make sure your first impression before them is a crisp and elegant one!

Portfolio: Your portfolio is your passport to the modelling world. You must reach out to a bona-fide modelling agency as GNG, with an impressive Folio. Make sure to get your portfolio done from an experienced professional photographer rather than a cheaper substitute. Quality work always shows.

Be on time!: Rather be 10 minutes early. Punctuality is the soul of business. It’s simply signifies that you respect your commitments. Being punctual will always put a positive impression on the modelling agents. Therefore it is always better to be early and wait rather than keep them waiting.

Never pay an agency upfront: If an agency reaches out to you and asks for money on the first meeting, then they are genuinely not interested in getting you work.Beware of fraudulence! A legitimate modelling agency like GnG, that is sincere about working with you will ask for payment only after getting you a suitable job.

With modelling as your dream career, make your move in the right direction. Reach out to a good modelling agency like the Glitz and Glamour agency.

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