How to Become Model

Modeling: Not a Cake Walk

Tall, fair, elegant, handsome, macho, and much more, this is what the normal perception about the modeling industry floats in the market, but, surprisingly the industry, is much more deeply professional than being a mannequin to walk the ramp. Ace fashion photographer, Praveen Bhat, feels, “fashion world is more inclined towards glitz and glamour, but with the changing world of fashion, and as the industry has grown in few years the in and out of modes has become tough. Today it’s not just the looks and the angel, but something more which comprises etiquettes, mannerism and strict professionalism towards the work.” As the designers have become more conscious about the theme and their collection, so do they are concerned about the models. The leading fashion shows of India, now conduct proper audition with ace panel people from different walks of life including fashion photographer, communication expert, fashion designer, fashion choreographer and many others. So, today when walking the ramp is no more a cakewalk, Praveen Bhat shares some key highlights to be a perfect model to crack it and make it to the runway and endorsements too.

The model you wish to be:

Runway model: For this you need to be 5’9 and with prefect cat walk training. Men are mostly considered between 5’11-6’2with ideal physiques.

Print Model: Editorial shoots call for 5’7 with an appealing personality and photogenic

Swimwear model: This calls for well-developed breasts and toned hips and for men broad shoulder with slim waist is preferred.


A Promotional Model: Some companies want their customer base to interact directly with models who are generally attractive with like-able personalities to promote their brand. You may see these models in grocery stores, events or clubs promoting things like food, liquor brands or new products.

Knowledge Grooming: The modeling world is jam-packed with pretty faces. Just because you are good looking does not mean that you can succeed as a model. You need to be socially aware and your knowledge about the fashion world happening is inevitable. In the modeling business, it is not just about looking great. You have to fit the need of specific jobs just in order to get a chance. Modeling is only for serious people who carry unique looks and characteristics. Since there are so many people trying to become models in today’s world, it’s very challenging to get a breakthrough and will only come with patience and perseverance.

Know your vitals: This is all about knowing your body measurement measurements and personal stats. And it includes:

  • Basic measurements like height, weight, and shoe size.
  • Clothing measurements :shoulder, chest, waist thighs
  • Hair color, eye color, skin tone, skin type.

Professional touch and shot: It is very obvious that getting a portfolio shoot is little expensive, but that does not mean you can skip it. Professional photography, even if it is expensive, will give you a better idea of what kind of look you give off. You may eventually need these photographs to snag an interview, so think of it as a worthwhile investment!

  • Get your portfolio shoot done with a reputed photographer (preferably fashion photographer).
  • If you’ve got enough of these photos, consider putting everything into a portfolio, or “book.” Carry the portfolio with you to castings or to agencies.

how to become a model

Get associated with an agency: Though freelance modeling is very much in trend, but it is preferred to those who have built a name in the industry. If you are a fresher, it is advisable to get associated with an agency, as it exposes you to work in a professional manner at the same time you learn the minutes of the job and professionalism too. When visiting an agency follow the below:

  • Bring your snapshots and/or portfolio. They will often ask you to walk or pose for them. They may take a head shot or take your measurements as well
  • Be cautious about he charges sharing, it is advisable to keep a tap on the rules and be in touch with someone trust worthy to avoid being cheated

Be professional, polite, and courteous: Remember that, even though you’re not working in an office, you need to be professional. Treat the people you work with respectfully – you never know who they know or what sort of a recommendation they might give of you. You may be a model, but that doesn’t give you the right to be snooty, affected, or pompous.


Be creative: The fashion and modeling industry is all about being creative. Photographers want to see you pose in various poses with different props and backdrop. Changeability is key, so, work for the camera and interact with the world around yourself.


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