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About Glitz and Glamour Modeling Agency:

It is well known that in order to enter the modeling industry, it is essential to have a professional portfolio done. At Glitz and Glamour, we conduct your complete training sessions imparted by industries renowned trainers and professionals. Our aim is to groom and enhance your overall personality and body language for your bright career in modeling, acting and fashion industry. As a matter of fact, modeling industry is flourishing and with that the expectations are also increasing as everyone wants the best model to be the one to showcase their product. We work as a bridge between the aspiring models and the modeling industry and provide complete assistance in planning out their journey towards acting and fashion.

about GNGOur agency specializes in shooting catalogue, model portfolios, and concepts with or without models. We uncover the talent of aspiring models and fulfill the requirements of various renowned advertising agencies, corporate and production houses. We shoot portfolios and promote male models, female models and email their profiles to various production houses, fashion photographers, model coordinators, modeling agencies, casting directors. Our services include model portfolios, model coordination and management, model promotion and casting for lead roles.

It is a saying that “a well dressed man gets the name of a gentleman” and “a well groomed girl gets the name of a lady”. It is very well true as we believe in these sayings and try and groom the aspiring male and female models in such a way that you become a renowned name in fashion and film industry.

Our modeling agencies in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore has become one the primary talent hubs. Our modeling agencyhas associations with some of the very renowned names in the industry that are actively involved in creating milestones in entertainment and advertising industry. Glitz and Glamour feels elated in being a major source for various production houses and advertising agencies to hire the best talents for their products. In our agency, we endeavor to groom the male models and female models completely so that world of fashion welcomes them with open arms. We are just not limited to the model casting and coordination. Our agency also expertise in providing complete styling packages that includes models training, PR, event management, publicity and other services as per the clients’ requirements.

Modeling fraternity has seen immense growth in terms of scope as well as exposure in India and worldwide. Everyday many brands, advertisements, new product launches and movies are releasing, which has augmented the requirement of professional models and faces a lot. If one has a good face, physique, a good figure and the right amount of attitude, then the modeling industry is the place to be. If you think the same, then the renowned modeling agency in Delhi, Glitz and Glamour, will do the rest for you!

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