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When it comes to seeking the best portfolio photographers in Delhi, Glitz and Glamour Modeling Agency (GNG Models) stands as the epitome of excellence. Renowned for its commitment to delivering top-notch services, GNG Modeling Agency boasts a team of skilled photographers who possess an unparalleled talent for capturing stunning portfolios. With exclusive access to picturesque locations and a range of thoughtfully crafted packages, GNG Modeling Agency ensures a comprehensive and impactful portfolio experience. Under the guidance of esteemed fashion photographer Praveen Bhat, GNG Modeling Agency goes the extra mile to enhance the visibility and reach of aspiring models, making them the go-to agency for exceptional portfolio photography in Delhi.

Exclusive Access to Picturesque Locations:

One of the standout features of GNG Modeling Agency is its exclusive access to picturesque locations in Delhi. From the vibrant streets of Lajpat Nagar and Karol Bagh to the upscale neighborhoods of Vasant Vihar and Vasant Kunj, GNG Modeling Agency offers a diverse range of locations to create visually stunning portfolios. Whether it’s the contemporary vibe of Kalkaji or the bustling energy of Nehru Place, each location adds a unique flavor and ambiance to the portfolio, setting it apart from the rest. The agency’s selection of locations allows models to showcase their versatility and capture different moods, resulting in truly exceptional portfolios.

Thoughtfully Crafted Packages

GNG Modeling Agency understands that every model has unique aspirations and requirements. To cater to its diverse clientele, the agency offers three distinct packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each package is thoughtfully crafted, taking into account industry demands and the aspirations of the models. Whether it’s a budding talent seeking a modest portfolio or an established model looking for an extensive showcase, GNG Modeling Agency has the perfect package to suit their needs. The agency’s attention to detail ensures that each package includes the essential elements required for a comprehensive and impactful portfolio.

Comprehensive Services for an Impactful Portfolio

GNG Modeling Agency provides a range of services to ensure an impactful portfolio experience. Professional makeup artists and stylists work closely with each model, creating the perfect look that aligns with the concept of the portfolio. The agency also offers dress changes to showcase the versatility and capture different styles and themes, allowing models to showcase their full potential. The combination of expert photography, makeup, and styling ensures that each portfolio is visually stunning and represents the unique personality of the model. GNG Modeling Agency’s commitment to providing a comprehensive portfolio experience sets them apart as the best in the industry.

Guided by an Esteemed Fashion Photographer

Under the guidance of esteemed fashion photographer Praveen Bhat, GNG Modeling Agency ensures that every photo shoot is a masterpiece. Praveen Bhat brings a wealth of experience, talent, and industry expertise to each project, offering a unique perspective and artistic vision. His ability to capture the essence and personality of his subjects shines through in every photograph, resulting in captivating portfolios that leave a lasting impact. With Praveen Bhat at the helm, GNG Modeling Agency guarantees exceptional results and sets the standard for portfolio photography in Delhi.

Enhancing Visibility and Reach

GNG Modeling Agency goes the extra mile by providing directory promotions to enhance the visibility and reach of aspiring models. Leveraging its vast network and industry connections, GNG Modeling Agency ensures that its models receive maximum exposure in the industry. Additionally, the agency assists in website development, offering a personalized online platform to showcase portfolios and attract potential opportunities. By providing these avenues for promotion, GNG Modeling Agency sets its models on the path to success and solidifies its reputation as the go-to agency for exceptional portfolio photography in Delhi.

Glitz and Glamour Modeling Agency (GNG Models) sets the bar high for portfolio photographers in Delhi. With exclusive access to picturesque locations, thoughtfully crafted packages, comprehensive services, the guidance of esteemed photographer Praveen Bhat, and enhanced visibility through directory promotions, GNG Modeling Agency ensures an exceptional portfolio experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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We are active in following India Cities and states the most:

  • Delhi
  • Delhi NCR
  • Noida
  • Gurgaon
  • Faridabad
  • Meerut
  • Chandigarh
  • Muradabad
  • Kashmir
  • Jaipur
  • Shimla
  • Dehradoon
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Jamshedpur
  • Agra
  • Haridwar
  • Navi Mumbai
  • Thane
  • Pune
  • Jhansi
  • Indore
  • Ranchi
  • Punjab

GNG was established by Mrs Reema Bhat, editor Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine, Glam & Glaze and wife of Mr. Praveen Bhat, who is leading fashion and advertising photographer in India. Praveen Bhat has shot various model portfolios and print campaigns in India

A model portfolio is basically a collection of the best photographs of the model which are used to acquire fashion modelling assignments with renowned modeling clients. So, it becomes imperative to get your portfolio done with great care and preparation to have an amazing start of your career. Our association with one of the best fashion photographers in house has enabled us to carve the niche.

We can proudly say we make best Model Portfolios in Delhi


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