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How to build a female modelling portfolio

How to build a female modelling portfolio


As an aspiring female model you need a good female modelling portfolio to kickstart your career. Call it your resume or your probable passport to the world of modelling; your portfolio is your chance to make a best first impression on the modelling agencies.

Your female modelling portfolio should essentially have the most flattering and promising profiles. The photos should portray you in the best possible light. So, getting a portfolio shoot done is most important.

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Top fashion photographer in Delhi, Praveen Bhat is a benchmark name in portfolio shoots of Indian model female. He gives the best direction possible to steer fresher female models towards a great modelling career. You can see yourself transformed from a raw aspirant to an ace Indian model female.

The top fashion photographer in India shares a few tips to build an impressive portfolio –


Decide your modelling type. – Your portfolio should reflect the type of modelling you aim to pursue. Female modelling portfolio can be framed for commercial modelling, runway or ramp modelling, fashion modelling et cetera. It is always better to decide early and choose your stream so that focus is laid on polishing your portfolio accordingly. Separate streams of modelling have different requirements –While runway modelling emphasises on physique and posing, commercial models are required to have good expressions and personality.



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Professional photographer is best for portfolio. –A good professional photographer knows the ins and outs of modelling industry. So getting a portfolio done from him is an added advantage to your resume. Experience and expertise of the best fashion photographer in Delhi can help create a versatile and impressive Folio best for female modelling in India. Models can benefit from the artistic direction of the photographer.


Pick the right outfits. – Depending on the look you portray – your clothes play an important role in enhancing your personality. Colourful and overdone appearance with flashy clothes, loud prints and patterns or never welcomed by the modelling agencies.




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Aspiring female models in India should include basic western And ethnic outfits in their portfolio shoot along with the attires best suitable for their chosen stream of modelling. Your clothes and overall looks should showcase your original personality instead of camouflaging the real you!


Suitable make up artist and hairstylist. – Gaudy make up with drastic make up details are strictly avoided in female portfolio shoot. Elaborate hairstyles are also best avoided. The top fashion photographer in Delhi suggests Indian model females to choose their make up artist and hairstylist wisely to get flattering pictures which enhance your personality. Experienced professionals can help a great deal in elevating your facial look.


Correct posing. – Practice the right posing for a good portfolio. Also try out different facial expressions and sitting and standing postures. It is always advisable to get enrolled to a good modelling Institute in Delhi like GNG Institute, to get a complete brush up on female modelling in India.


So girls, pick up the good advice and get ready to get started!


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