modeling photoshoot poses

male modeling poses for Formal Wear

Male Modeling Poses for Formal Wear

male modeling poses : Sharing with you all latest male modeling  ad shoot for formal wear coordinated by G&G modeling Acting agency. G&G models Sam & Jay were selected for this campaign for MWM collection . Designer wear men will be men based out of Delhi . Shot by one of the best fashion photographer in Delhi Ncr – Praveen Bhat.

Male modeling Posing

male model formal poses

General Tips for Male Modeling Posing

General facts that will help you better pose a person and understand why some poses work:

  1. Things that are closer to the camera look bigger stand with the right modelling posture.
  2. Things that are further from the camera look smaller, play with your leg movement correctly.
  3. During male modeling Jobs , its not important to look into the camera and pose, one can look away as well.

The following suggestions are for impressive male poses.

But it doesn’t mean that you can only apply them for a male model. Female and gender-neutral models look great in these poses to. You just have to know that these postures create a masculine appearance.

male modeling jobs

male modeling jobs

how to pose male models



Give the Face a Strong Character during Male Modeling Photoshoots

Feature the Jawline to Emphasize Masculinity during male model poses :

A solid facial structure is an estimation of saw manliness. Your work as a photographic artist is to ensure the facial structure is obvious and as rakish and sharp as could be expected.

Request that the subject push their jaw out and a tad down. This will give the neck a delicate stretch. In the mean time, a piece of the neck is stowing away from the camera.

You can additionally refine the facial structure by shrewd utilization of shadow. Ensure that the facial structure doesn’t mix into the neck.

What’s more, never, and I mean NEVER, let your subject draw his jawline back. This won’t just emphasize any current twofold jawline yet additionally make one where there wasn’t any truly.

modeling photoshoot poses

modeling photoshoot poses

male modeling india

male modeling in india

male modeling in india

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Hiring Male Models in Delhi Ncr :

We at G&G model agency are hiring male female models regularly for modeling jobs. If you are a beginner model or an experienced model please share you profile at

for modeling acting courses call us today at 9769088918

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