We are starting a section of Stock Pictures on our website. Models who are interested to sell their pictures can email their high resolution images

What are Stock Pictures or Stock Images?

Sometimes, it may happen that advertising agencies or clients don’t go in for a full photoshoot but just buy already clicked pictures from the stock agencies.Various stock agencies pay the models one time fees and click their pictures in various concepts. These images are then sold to the clients or advertising agencies. What we do is to sell your (model’s) portfolio pictures. As you’re the copyright owner of your pictures, we are going to publish these pictures under our Stock section. You are going to get paid for every picture sold.

What Makes A Good Stock Photo?

A good stock photo is the one that suggests emotion and can stand by itself without a caption. Make sure that your set ups and compositions are excellent but dynamic enough to be incorporated into someone else’s artistic work. Most of the photos that appear in magazines to exemplify articles are of mediocre quality and sometimes completely boring. However, these images fit in the editors need at deadline time and are used.  Though, beginner photographers have an equal chance to compete against renowned photographers of seeing their work in print if it suits the clients’ requirements.

What are the key features of all stock photos?

A good stock photo can be divided into three main components, all of which must be appropriate to make a high selling image.

Choice of Subject – Be it a model or prop, an object that creates some kind of concept is of use only when used with the matching context

Execution – It really depend a lot on how well you took the photograph or how skillfully you used your photographic skills to create a mood or a concept. Everything from lighting, choice of focal point to the whole set up.

Keywording and Description – Have an idea ready before getting yourself clicked because without proper execution and suitable keywords, a photo of well chosn subject wont sell.

How will you know that your picture is sold?

Whenever an image or picture is bought, client requires a NOC/ Model release from the model in order to use that picture. Without NOC/Model release, client cannot use your picture. So, whenever your pictures get selected, we will obtain an NOC from you and provide you with all the details of the clients.

How to get started?

Mail us your high resolution pictures that you want to sell at info@gngmodels.comalong with your permission to sell these pictures. If your pictures get shortlisted, we will get in touch with you soon!