Praveen Bhat Photographer

Best Indian fashion photographer

Best Indian fashion photographer


Best Indian fashion photographer : Photographs are freezing moments of emotions; and photographer is the person who steals every bit of memory and beauty with perfection that only he can visualise.

Best Indian Photographer

Fashion photography is a vast, creative and artistic field of photography where photographers convert almost anything and anyone to sheer beauty.


There are some ace fashion photographers who have made the fashion world fall in love with the simple yet striking clothing.


One such obvious name is Praveen Bhat, Best Indian fashion photographer who not only captures but creates every picture to make it magical. He creates a story keeping a theme in mind and thus enhances the beauty of the subject portrait.

Best Indian Photographer

Fashion photography is a challenging field of art where every photograph is framed from the scratch. And the fashion photographer in India knows it well!


Praveen Bhat is a renowned name in the fashion world who is already associated with top brands, studios and celebrities in the industry. His creative shoots can be found in several magazine spreads. He also boasts of crafting some feted wonders featured in top magazines – Cosmopolitan, Femina, vogue, Ellie and more.

His name has won both Indian and global acclaim.

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With a strong vision to take Indian fashion photography to a next level, the best fashion photographer in India has continuously evolved with time and achieved tremendous photography skills.

With an innate talent of being spontaneous and candid in his approach, India’s best fashion photographer captures a natural moment even from formally set up fashion shoot. The image created is close to real and it self speaks for the artists work.

Modeling Photography indiaAt Praveen Bhat studio utmost attention is paid to the look of the garments so that they are portrayed as their elegant best. A dedicated team of stylists including hair and make up stylist finalise the ultimate look of the model. With minimal use of photo shop, close to real pics are created in the studio.

Set up for the shoot is remarkable in sense of background, foreground, lights and shades and perfectly styled models to get the best impact with uniqueness.

According to the best Indian fashion photographer, fashion industry and photography industry go hand-in-hand. One completes the other. And the major prerequisite of being a fashion photographer is to have a passion for it. Fashion photography is a challenging job as it requires the skill to capture the look, attitude, expression and style, all at once. It is the task of visionaries and such people do excel in this industry.

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With fashion as his middle name for a long time now, Praveen Bhat continues to excel as the best fashion photographer in India.

Best indian Photographer


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