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Modelling tips for females

Modelling tips for females


Dreaming to be a modelling diva? As you plan a career in modelling, posing in front of the camera is a challenging art in its self. Where modelling is not an innate talent in most of the people, modelling poses don’t come naturally. Aspiring models need to learn basic and good photography female model poses to deliver best.


Praveen Bhat, the best fashion photographer in Delhi comes up with various photo shoot ideas for models. He directs his female models to get to their maximum potential. He maintains a good rapport and communication with the models, the end result of which is excellent final images.


Female models need to pay attention to the mood of the photo shoot and hence follow the directions of the photographer for a good female model pose.

The best fashion photographer in Delhi shares a few modelling tips for females.


Standing poses –


  • For full body shots the female models can stand with shoulders parallel to the camera, thumbs in belt loops, head tipped on one side or resting on shoulder. You can bend one knee or keep one foot forward for a more informal look.
  • While going for side profiles of female modelling poses you can bend your hands and feet accordingly to give a smooth and nice body shape.
  • Three quarter shots- According to the ace fashion photographer this is a staple modelling pose which if practised correctly can fetch amazing results. It creates depth and interest in a photo.



Sitting model poses


Sitting poses are mainly divided into – leaning back pose and leaning forward. Sitting convey more emotions and meaning to the pictures. Position of your shoulders, legs and torso create Different meaningful images in female modelling portfolio.


Laying down – Laying down poses are used to show more sensual images in glamour photography. Vibrancy can be added to the photos with the little bend of the knee or swaying layback poses.


Face poses – Head shots are an essential part of fashion photography. Facial expressions convey the mood of the picture and female modelling requires a lot of facial expressions.


Fashion modelling posing is a hard work. A lot of practice goes into making a place in the industry. Following these simple tips of female modelling photo poses helps to build a strong portfolio for future.

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