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Modeling Career In India

MODELLING CAREER IN INDIA- a step by step guide

 Modeling career in India is a lucrative and glamorous option available for youth.  With the growth in consumerism and a vast expansion of the fashion industry in India, modelling has come up as an exciting and attractive profession.

career in modelinghow to start modeling careerGrowing scope of modelling-

A career in modeling requires poise and confidence with which you can showcase the works of art by an artist or advertise a company’s product. You can also introduce a fashion designer’s clothing by walking the ramp as a runway model. With an attractive appearance there is scope to get hired by companies for their advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Is modeling a good career in India?

With beauty, talent, skill and passion modeling can be a tremendous career choice. The glittering modelling industry welcomes with open arms young aspiring models who are ready to give their best and try their luck here. Many people wonder, is modelling a good career in India? There are reasons to pursue this as a serious career option-

  • Firstly, you get paid well. You can earn a staggering amount of money as a model and can afford a pretty luxurious life.
  • You can enjoy getting attention and get that celebrity feel by appearing on television and print media. Get ready to get noticed!
  • The glamour and glitterati of modelling career is obviously a reason enough to pursue it.
  • You get tremendous opportunities to travel and meet new people. Getting to work with big names in the industry is always a dream you can work hard for.


career in modelinghow to start modeling careermale modelingMale Modeling:

How to start modeling career?

Male modelling has a vast scope in India. Many male models have made it big in the modelling fashion world and have become idols of male fitness and runway supermodels. If you are still stuck on how to start a modelling career, here are some quick tips to steer you towards modelling fashion industry.

  • Identify your strengths: You must discover the type of model job your body is suited to. Photo model, runway model, commercial model: there are numerous options to choose from. Narrow down your modelling career choice and then approach the right agencies suitable for you.
  • Learn modelling poses: A model job does not only require good looks and great body. You need to practice your angles and poses as a beginner to the modelling career. It is always advisable to enrol yourself to a good modelling institute like GnG modelling/acting institute. Glitz and Glamour is the best modelling institute in Delhi/ Noida which grooms raw aspiring model female and male to polished natural models.
  • Recommended models height: Some model job requirements come with minimum specified models height. Runway model male should be around 5’10” and model female should be around 5’7”. Photo model for print ads should be minimum 5’3” (female) and 5’7”(male).
  • A good portfolio is must: High calibre male modelling portfolio is a must to kick start your career in modelling. Good modelling institutes guide you on how to start modelling career by helping you build a strong portfolio. Professional portfolio from a good fashion photographer portrays you in your best light. Use this to approach the right modelling agencies for model job.
  • Keep posted on social media sites: Create accounts on Instagram and Facebook and keep sending posts of photo model in diverse looks and attires. Tag different modelling agencies in your posts to get noticed by viewers.

how to start modeling careermale modelingmodeling career delhimodeling career delhi 

So, friends keep no doubts regarding-is modelling a good career in India? Simply fasten your seat bels and take a plunge into this industry.

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