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Course Details:

Basic Photography Course is designed for those who would love to understand the basics of photography and to improve their photography skills.You will be taught the basic theory and fundamentals of photography. At Praveen Bhat Photography Academy we believe that it is essential for one to be well-versed in the fundamentals. You will be trained to develop a creative approach to capture images with impact.

    1. Discussing choices in photography as a profession
    2. Introduction to DSLR camera and its components
    3. Introduction to Lightning
    4. Understanding and controlling exposure using Aperture, Shutter and film speeds (ISO).Introduction to lens, learning the different types
    5. Depth of field
    6. Shooting techniques, photographing people & tips for candid photography.
    7. Indoor and outdoor Portrait photography.
    8. Applying light theory to portraiture.
    9. Practical demonstrations

FEES: 25000

Course Details:

    1. Live model shoots
    2. Creative studio lighting
    3. Posing in fashion shootsUnderstanding makeup and styling
    4. Outdoor location shoots
    5. Portfolio developmentPhotography, product photography, macro photography and other.
    6. Experience studio sessions with the fashion photographer Praveen Bhat.

FEES: RS 45000

Course Details:

Learn from the best in the industry-Praveen Bhat- Fashion & celebrity photography. This 5 day workshop would include practical exposure while being on the shoots with him and learn from his experience.

FEES: 20,000

Course Details:

    1. Wedding photography as a career
    2. Prep for the shotsLighting technique
    3. Wedding photography gears and lense
    4. Wedding shoot on location
    5. Flash and reflectors
    6. Pre wedding and bridal portraits

FEES: RS 20,000

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