Acting Course in Delhi

Best acting Institute in Delhi – GNG acting school

Acting Institute in Delhi

Delhiites have a reason to rejoice! The GNG acting Institute has opened its new branch in south extension. With the best acting Institute in Delhi, the window of opportunity to get polished and groomed professionally as an actor is now open.

A brainchild of celebrity fashion photographer Praveen Bhat and editor of Glam n Glaze magazine Reema Gulati Bhat, the institute is a promising venture in terms of quality training and education.

Having an extensive multi dimensional curriculum, the best acting institute in Delhi offers basic and advance acting courses for beginners. Flexible weekend workshops for working people are also a part of the module. While the two months basic course focuses on speech and diction training, camera facing and dialogue delivery, the six months advance course gives you a detailed know-how on scriptwriting, theatre acting, monologues and dialogues and much more.

With an experienced and dedicated faculty, the best acting Institute in Delhi promises individual attention to each student to tap his talent to the fullest.

As a benchmark in catalogue shoot , The GnG Institute promises a professional portfolio by celebrity photographer Praveen Bhat.

The best acting institute in Delhi which already has a long list of successful alumni added to its score, promises to shape up proficient actors who will fly high in the glamour world.

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