How to impress a modelling agency

A career in modelling calls for a step-by-step approach. While getting your portfolio done from a good fashion photographer is the first and foremost requirement, your next step should be to approach a promising modelling agency. A good modelling agency…

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How to become an actor in Bollywood

Bollywood is irresistibly compelling! And there is no denying about it. If you are serious about a career in acting then a course in the best acting institute in Delhi will make your journey to Bollywood easier. GNG acting school…

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Best acting Institute in Delhi – GNG acting school

Acting Institute in Delhi Delhiites have a reason to rejoice! The GNG acting Institute has opened its new branch in south extension. With the best acting Institute in Delhi, the window of opportunity to get polished and groomed professionally as…

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What all do you learn at an acting Institute

Aspiring to become an actor? Be ready to put in oodles of hard work along with passion and perseverance. Likewise, a little polishing and grooming from a good acting Institute in Delhi / NCR can do wonders for your growth.…

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modelling mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes to avoid when taking up a modelling career

Already set your sight on becoming a model? Already swooning Over the idea of walking down a fashion runway? As you think big about your dream career, just be a bit careful about some common mistakes most models make. Think…

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