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Best Fashion Photographer in India

Best Fashion Photographer in India – Praveen Bhat Sharing work of Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi,India mr. Praveen Bhat . Praveen does not require any introduction in the modeling and acting world .¬†Having started fashion photography after leaving a full…

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portrait photography india

Best Fashion Photographer India

Best Fashion Photographer India How to become Best Fashion Photographer India Tips by Praveen Bhat Become Best Fashion Photographer in India ? it’s not a difficult task . Top indian fashion Photographer Praveen Bhat says “fashion ¬†photography may appear one…

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modelling mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes to avoid when taking up a modelling career

Already set your sight on becoming a model? Already swooning Over the idea of walking down a fashion runway? As you think big about your dream career, just be a bit careful about some common mistakes most models make. Think…

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Portfolio Photographer in India – India’s One of Top Photographers Who Will Make Your Eyes Pop

As self-interpretation, fashion is an acceptance for us. It is related to us increasingly influential presence in every particular human being life. Every human being dreams about to enter in glamour industry. But it is indeed not an easy path…

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GNG Acting and Modelling Academy

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