Five Mistakes to avoid for Aspiring Models

top-modeling-agencies-delhiGetting started on becoming a model is much easier than it appears. Like in every profession, a new or aspiring model also experiences certain problems and comes across particular hurdles. It is always important to come out of your fantasy land and prepare yourself for the worst. However, it does not mean you have to be discouraged or cynical about your chances.

Here are Five mistakes to avoid for aspiring models:

  1. No I cannot become a model: – Most aspiring models compare themselves to the top models found in magazines and TV and immediately feel they aren’t as good as the top models so they give up too quickly.
    Do you really think they just woke up one day and ended up on a cover? Of course not! All models got their start somewhere. It may have been posing in an ad for a local shoe brand or handing out flyers at a local 5K event for an area Dentist. Think big but start small.
  2.  I am not that pretty: – There is a reason some people are attracted to you and others aren’t. Its called variety and its the ” Spice of Life”.
    Some people like straight hairs and some curls, some prefer slender bodies and others prefer a bigger physique. The point is that all physical traits have the potential to sell and therefore your specific look will be appealing to a certain demographic. Someone looking for a model may need the exact look you have so get out there and be proud of your parents design.
  3. You need to start by spending Rs. 1 lac on photos: Huge mistake if you are just starting out. You need to practice in front of a mirror or with a friend shooting photos of you before dropping any money on a photoshoot. Once you get your posing down then consider the investment required for professional photos.
  4. Once I get some great photos I will get discovered: – Like anything in life you need to take action and get your name out there. It’s called networking and it is crucial to your success.
    The most common trait I have discovered with successful models is they all hustle. They make phone calls, send emails and put effort into making important connections with the right people. You should always approach the best modeling agency because they have the kind of network that could give your courier a kick start.
  5.  There is no scope for grooming:– Remember, a supermodel doesn’t taste the success overnight. Every person who comes in the modeling industry requires a good support behind them to make a name.  A good Model grooming studio may become that support for you! It provides you complete etiquette sessions and styling sessions to boost your inner self confidence and refine your skills. Entertainment industry is growing day by day, particularly modeling industry. Keeping this in mind, grooming sessions are being organized with the help of professional models, fashion/ celebrity photographers, stylists and dietitians. These help aspiring models to learn how to walk on ramp, create expressions, carry designer clothes, and pose for advertisements apart from personality development. Glitz and Glamour is one of the renowned modeling agencies in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and is aware about the changing trends and requirement of industry and thus provide grooming as per the set industry standards.

I can say it until I am blue in the face but being a successful model isn’t the impossible task you likely think it is. Through hard work and dedication it is 100% possible for you to become a model. Start now by just taking one simple step towards become the model you always dreamed you could be.
What’s the biggest thing holding you back? Post your answer below.

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